Sunday, July 12, 2015

What are CC&R's

“The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (often referred to as “CC&Rs”)
(a) Contents of CC&Rs
CC&Rs describe the rights and obligations of the homeowners’ association and of each owner. CC&Rs vary widely in content and length, but at a minimum the CC&Rs must contain a legal description of the development, a statement of the type of common interest development it is, the name of the association and any” “use restrictions, typically including common area use restrictions, pet regulations, and alteration controls. The CC&Rs may contain other matters such as the following: (1) the boundaries of the common area and of each unit or lot; (2) the maintenance responsibilities of the association and the individual owners; (3) the allocation of association operating costs among the owners, and the mechanism for collecting owner payments; (4) the dispute resolution procedure; (5) the enforcement powers; and (6) the rights and protections of mortgage lenders.”
“If a development is located in a “airport influence area” or within the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the CC&Rs must contain a notice specified by statute. See Civil Code §§ 4255.”
 This is not intended as legal advice, if you require legal advice, please contact an attorney.

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